I recently tried out Riak, a dynamo influenced datastore, and while I appreciate its simplicity and ease of use, working with it was slow at times due to the lack of a management utility that met my needs. I tried out Riaktive, riak-admin and Riak Admin, three of the four management tools listed on Riak’s community projects page. Out of the three tools I tried out, I thought Riaktive was the best, it had the best feature set and cleanest user interface. However, the document editor kept throwing JavaScript errors.

Since I needed something working relatively fast, and because I wanted a more natural interface into editing JSON, I decided to create my own utility. So, I am releasing the initial working version of Riak Webmin. It uses the same interface as Riaktive, but I added an integrated JSON editor. Unfortunately, Riak Webmin does not yet support all of Riak’s features including links. I will be improving the functionality of Riak Webmin as I can and will make sure to eventually support all of Riak’s REST API.