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As of May 19, 2007, Starcraft 2 is no longer a rumor, nor are the details of the game. Starcraft 2, as announced, will be the much anticipated RTS sequel to Starcraft. The cinematic trailer and gameplay videos can be found on Blizzard’s Starcraft 2 homepage. The trailer shows Starcraft 2’s stunning new graphics engine along with hints of a physics engine that might add some extra dynamics to the gameplay.
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About two months ago, I decided it was time to revisit Linux in general after sitting down and reading through some of the new features offered by XGL with Compiz or Beryl. I installed Ubuntu 6.10 on a spare laptop late in march upgrading to 7.04 shortly after that, and I have been using it as one of my primary workstations since. In case some of you may not know, I recently found out myself, the decimal number following the Ubuntu version, denotes the month it was released: 7.04 refers to version 7 released in April. Linux has definitely come a long way since I last used it in 2004, at least in terms of being a feasible desktop operating system for the masses.
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Apparently, I am behind the curve on this one, but having been a fervent fan of Starcraft since the first day it came out, I find it necessary to write my thoughts on this. First, I will start with a little background; As previously stated, I began playing Starcraft the first day it was released, I was a freshman in high school at the time and having played too much Warcraft II in middle school, I was well acquainted with the general game mechanics and had an easy time learning the strategies for success in multi player competition. By the end of sophomore year, I had an official (non ladder) record of over 1300 wins and about 180 losses. I was a Big Game Hunters (BGH) junkie at the time and loved playing 2v2’s or 3v3’s.
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It has honestly been ages since I set my mind to creating this blog, but for several reasons, I could never get the motivation to complete it or at least keep it up to date. This time around, things will be different for sure; I have finally found a template that suits my personality, and I finally have something to talk about (I hope).

As the description alludes to, I will be writing about my recent, post-undergraduate experiences as a Developer, and Gamer. The Thinker part is a little abstract, but should be an interesting outlet, as I have always wanted a place to vent and write down some random thoughts.

In any case, I hope to keep the posts coming regularly, so please enjoy the site!

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