Edit: I originally started working on this article several months ago, however, as I was editing it, the Zend Framework team released a revamped reference guide that goes through much of what I discuss. Hopefully though, this still ends up being useful and informative for someone out there.

Edit #2: I don’t mean for this article to be followed verbatim, but rather, used as a guide to understanding Zend Framework’s routing process.

Now that I am using ZF for current projects at work, I have taken the opportunity to promote ZF with my colleagues. One colleague in particular, who has been using Code Igniter (CI), was somewhat perplexed by ZF’s seeming complexity, even after reading through the first few sections of the Reference Guide. In particular, he didn’t understand how ZF handled URIs as it is quite different from CI. So, I have put together the following, hopefully simple overview, explaining a bit about ZF’s routing and using it in conjunction with Zend_Config.
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